Status Labs Brings Aboard A New Advisor To Its Board

Recently, Status Labs announced that it added a new board advisor, Mike Paul. Paul is the president of The Reputation Doctor, and Paul will be providing both strategic and counsel to Status Labs. This comes at a time that the company continues to grow.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, believes that Paul will help the company continue to scale. Fisher talked about how the company’s current advisors have helped them overcome many obstacles that they have faced, and that he looks forward to having Paul as part of his company’s team of advisors.

Paul also expressed his excitement over partnering up with Status. He described the online reputation management company has an authentic and honest company. He also said that there is a good reason why Fisher is a rising star in the industry. Paul pointed out how the company has grown under Fisher’s leadership.

About Status Labs
Status Labs is an online reputation management company, and they have offices in New York and Sao Paulo. The company’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. Status Labs helps clients engage with audiences and they use methods designed to drive sales. There are various solutions that Status Labs offers to their clients.

Status Labs offers various types of services, with one of them being online reputation management. Not only that, but the company provides search engine optimization to clients, and SEO can help businesses in many ways.

Permanent link removal is another service Status Labs offers, and this service can help businesses get certain links removed from various sites. There are ways businesses can get links removed from sites such as the BBB, RipOffReport and other similar sites. Status Labs also offers public relations, which can help a business get more publicity and increase their sales and increase brand awareness.

If you have a business and need help with online reputation management, then contact Status Labs today.

The Difficult Escape: A Story From A North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park grew up in the northern area of North Korea. She had a similar upbringing to other North Koreans: eating insects to survive, a family member sent to prison camp and having a constant fear of the North Korean Regime. When she was 13, she and her mother fled to China. But they did not achieve freedom. Instead, they were trapped in the world of human trafficking.

Yeonmi and Yeonmi’s mother were purchased separately. Yeonmi’s “buyer” wanted her to be his mistress and after many attempts at raping her, finally struck a deal. He would buy back her mother and bring her father over from North Korea if she would be his mistress. She agreed in order to bring her family together. Sadly, her father died two months after escaping North Korea. He had colon cancer and it had gone untreated for too long. After two years in China, Yeonmi’s “owner” let her and her mother go. According to Yeonmi, it was because he was in love with her.

Yeonmi and her mother had to walk across China in fear. If the Chinese authorities caught them, they would be returned to North Korea and tortured and killed. They carried knives on them. In case they were captured, they would kill themselves. Finally, Yeonmi and her mother crossed the Gobi Desert and entered in Mongolia. Once there, they were sent to South Korea where they were able to reunite with Yeonmi’s older sister, who had escaped from North Korea a day before them.

Several deny Yeonmi’s story on DailyMail or at least question the validity of some of her statements. The North Korean Regime claims that all she is is a puppet for the west. Other North Korean defectors claim that she is exaggerating in order to gain financially. Yeonmi sticks by her words that she has spoken and written. Yeonmi wants to see a regime change in her lifetime and for the rest of the world to understand what is happening.

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How Doe Deere Is Transforming The Cosmetics and Fashion Worlds

In a world of normativity and convention, make-up artist and business owner Doe Deere loves to stand out. She defies tradition and barriers in many ways, but one of her most effective modes of resistance is her body. Through the use of innovative make-up strategies and creative clothing items, Deere is passionate about cultivating a unique image that renders her identity distinct from everyone else’s. There are numerous fashion and beauty rules that Deere breaks in the process of using her body as a locus for identity construction. Some of them include:

1. “You Cannot Put Bold Lipstick and Eye Shadow Together.”

Deere loves breaking this beauty rule. She thinks the bold look is absolutely lovely and enjoys the process of pairing a bright lipstick with a loud eye shadow. An example would be red eye shadow coupled with a bold blue lipstick.

2. Avoid The Use Of Multiple Colors Simultaneously.

While many beauty experts advocate the cultivation of a nude or almost-nude color schema for the face, Deere will often avoid this approach. Instead, she likes to use multiple colors at once to ensure that the individual’s face stands out in a distinct, creative way. Some of Deere’s favorite colors to match up include green and pink, peach and periwinkle, and lavender and hot pink.

3. Stick To Clothing For Your Age Group.

Deere thinks this rule is definitely made to be broken. In fact, she finds herself growing irritated with her mother when the older woman won’t wear a certain dress simply because it stops above her knees. Deere likes to break through the age barrier when it comes to fashion, meaning that she can be seen wearing clothes many might associate with childhood. In her mind, amazing style knows no age. One of her favorite fashion icons is Betsy Johnson, who is now in her 70s and still wears a tutu!

Doe Deere: A Brief Overview

Doe Deere’s passion for the worlds of cosmetics and fashion began in her childhood. Back then, she could always be seen making use of artistic tools such as paints and make-up. Interestingly, Deere notes that she was pretty bad in terms of make-up skills until she reached her 20s. But she didn’t let lack of talent preclude her from using cosmetics in a creative, inventive manner.

Deere’s ongoing passion for the make-up sector functioned as the catalyst for her decision to pursue the cosmetics domain as a business. Deere launched her own make-up line, Lime Crime, for the purpose of providing people with multiple cosmetics options which function as the springboard for self-expression and identity cultivation.

Slyce Takes A Leap Forward With Their Artificial Intelligence

As a society we are geared to both welcome new technologies and to look at it skeptically. We welcome it out of our obsession with making things easier and more convenient, and we look at the brighter side of what it can do for our lives. However, we have all watched a lot of science fiction movies, so we are unsure as to what artificial intelligence is capable of doing in our world. The developers of our artificial technologies have been doing their best to slowly introduce these new concepts into our world, and they have been doing it through the means of our devices, such as our smart phones. The popular and helpful Siri is used frequently by Apple’s iPhone users to speed up the use of this device, and it has really come a long way in its development over the years.

I found an article on Deccan Herald that talks about this concept of evolving of visual search technology, and it should come as no surprise that the world of online shopping has seen this technology make a huge leap forward. Companies like Slyce have been introducing us to a concept called visual search technology that makes it so much easier for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for when they go to purchase a product online. Online shopping already simplifies our lives, but Slyce takes it a step further by allowing its users to simply take a picture of an item that they want to purchase. The application is free to use on our smart phones and other devices, and the user can use Slyce to capture whatever thing they are interested in purchasing instead of typing in the keywords for that object.

Slyce has been working on their technology for several years. In fact, they were originally a tech company with a similar goal in assisting computer users in finding documents and other files on their machines. Slyce has made some serious improvements to their system since they first started with their application. They have added a whole department of personal shopping assistants that are ready to help users find their purchases. This live assistance acts as a safeguard for the searches that are done by the artificial intelligence on Slyce to make sure that the AI is working properly.

Soros Predicts a Second Economic Crisis

George Soros, the billionaire who made a fortune on betting that the U.K. would devaluate its currency in 1992, has predicted that the world economy will face another economic crisis. Soros predicts that China’s currency devaluation and increased interest rates will lead to a crisis similar to the 2008 economic crisis. During the 2008-11 economic recession, industrial output fell by more than 10 percent in Japan, Korea, Russia and Germany. Real GDP in the United States fell by 28 percent.

Soros states that China’s adjustment will have global implications. Soros argues on Bloomberg that the global market has overvalued the yuan. Beijing has maintained tight control over the exchange rate of the yuan. However, China has struggled to maintain control as traders sold at the beginning of 2016. China has shut down its markets to stop panic selling several times since the start of 2016. 2016 has been a volatile season for the Chinese stock market as speculators worry over the value of the yuan. Some, like Soros, have argued that the yuan is overvalued while others have argued that the yuan is undervalued. The uncertainty in the market has forced investors to do a lot of guesswork over the future of the Chinese economy. At the same time, Soros suggests that China will struggle to find continued growth in the coming years as China faces a host of new problems that include an aging population, environmental concerns and access to education. Since the start of 2016, the Shanghai index fell more than 15 percent.

Soros’ hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, averaged 20% rate of return on investment for more than three decades. During the 1992 Black Wednesday, Soros more than $10 billion worth of pounds, earning more than $1 billion. Soros is well known as a political activist, giving more than $11 billion to philanthropic causes since 1979.

Discovering What Your Dog Wants for Dinner

Every dog owner knows how great it is to be greeted by their furry friend when they come home from work. Dogs have an amazing ability to always sense exactly what their owners need from them. At the same time humans usually find it more difficult to know what their dogs need. Thankfully a recent article published in the Daily Herald offers some advice to anyone looking to brighten up their dog’s day.

The article focuses on a new trend of gourmet dog food. This dog food isn’t simply a slight improvement in the flavor or texture of dog food. Instead, it’s made by taking a very different approach to the subject. The article offers several examples of this change in methodology on But one of the most significant is the “he’ll have what you’re having.” campaign. This campaign was put together to highlight some dog food flavors such as lasagna and beef stroganoff. And it’s not simply a matter of taste. These new high quality foods are made with similar ingredients to what one would find on a human’s plate.

But there’s other options for the highest quality ingredients than these smaller and usually geographically isolated companies. For example, a company called Beneful is almost always listed as one of the top five most popular dog food brands. And it’s been around since 2001. And right from the start they’ve adhered to the idea that one should use high quality natural ingredients for dog food. The biggest reason for this can be seen from the company’s name. Beneful was founded under the idea that food should provide nutritional benefits.

As one might expect, the path to getting the most nutritional benefits from food comes through using the best ingredients. By working to create the healthiest food, the high quality dog food brand like Beneful on youtube also created one of the tastiest. Many dog owners have found that the best way to make their dogs happy is by opening up a package of Beneful’s brand of dog food. The signature chunky bits of fresh organic ingredients makes dogs happy in the same way that a bite of delicious chicken or beef would make people happy.

Slyce takes advantage of new intelligent software

There is a new search technology in town. It allows one to search images online and get directed to where you can get the item. It is a search technology currently being tested in labs by the top tech companies including Pinterest and successful; it will change how we search things online and replace the iconic text-based search box.

The technology allows one to home in on a particular item. Pinterest will use it to drive revenue up by allowing the e-commerce sites to search products online. The technology has already been proven to work and it’s the interest of is already testing the new technology with a start-up called Sentiment.

The companies use a technique called deep learning that combines advanced A.I technology with smart machines. It has given it human abilities to recognize images and direct them to actual searches.

The Sentiment CEO said the image recognition technology has been proven to work, and it is expected it will branch out to other stores. These include Footwear divisions of the can read more about this technology by clicking here.

One of the companies currently reaping big from this technology is Slyce.It was founded by Cameron Chell and has grown over the years to have a huge presence in the USA.It currently has partnered with 20 stores in America to grow its business.

Cameron is a serial entrepreneur who believes technology can make things easier. His ultimate goal is to make money and become rich. It is a fact he intends to achieve by adding value to other people including shoppers and retail stores. His current venture, Slyce, has seen him grow greatly.

Slyce has grown over the years and today run Visual Slyce.It has been a resounding success story and the fundamental reason it has grown so fast. Cameron association with Johnson Dale has seen the firm launch products in many product categories.

Slyce has started a snap to search feature that allows one to search products with the click of a camera. Its success has been due to the partnership with retail stores to advance this technology. Stores get to get more sales thanks to traffic directed to their site.It is an intuitive app, and we wish the company the best of luck.

You too can get more information from Slyce by clicking here.

Boost Your Online Reputation by Creating a Wikipedia Page

Having a well-crafted Wikipedia page is essential for your professional success, whether you own an established business or want to improve your personal brand. When someone googles your name, you’ll want them to see only the best of what you offer. By creating a Wikipedia page, you’ll ensure that visibility is high, and a proper introduction to you and your business is available. It also adds authenticity and credibility to your business in the public domain.

When writing your Wikipedia page, it’s best to read up on Wikipedia’s best practices first. This way you won’t be flagged by their artificial intelligence quality control software, ORES. There are a few guidelines that may not be intuitive, such as citing every fact with a reference to an official source of the information. This can be as simple as citing articles and features written about your company on sites like Forbes and FastCo. If you don’t have many outside articles available, contact writers and publications that would be interested in profiling you or your company. Include in your pitch the latest news and promotions you run. After all of that, the most important thing to remember when writing your Wikipedia page is to not promote or advertise your business.

And if you’re having trouble writing your Wikipedia page yourself or are just too busy and overwhelmed to deal with it, professional Wikipedia writing services are available that will help you hire Wikipedia writers who specialize in Wikipedia business page creation. GetYourWiki is a service teeming with knowledgeable Wikipedia writers that take the headache out of learning how to make a Wikipedia page for yourself, while giving you endless benefits and opportunities for your online presence with a page created by professionals. You won’t have to worry about breaking Wikipedia’s guidelines, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your Wikipedia page consists of great writing that represents you and your business.

Pet Parents have Grocery Options for their Pooch

When grocery shopping at the supermarket, do you pick up canned food items or fresh meat in the refrigerated section? Both are equally a part of many household grocery lists, and lists for dog food should be no different. Pet parents can choose between refrigerated Freshpet’s gourmet items or Purina’s Beneful dry and wet food products for their fur friends. Freshpet makes grain-free, gently cooked foods that can be found in local grocery stores and big food chains or pet stores like Whole Foods Market, Target, Purina Store, PetSmart, and Walmart. Animals with allergies and food sensitivities are likely to have success with this product. ( The flavor variety includes beef, chicken, lamb, whitefish, and vegetables. Nearly all of the products come from within the United States. Freshpet is changing their cat and dog food line by taking a stand for health and wellness with a ‘no preservatives’ promise to consumers. The ‘eat-like-your-owner’ strategy has surged to 45% of the 10.5 Billion in the United States. ( Beneful products can be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes. The nutritious products come in dry flavors ranging from beef to chicken to salmon. There are also wet food products that are more of a savory mix blend including real meat, veggies and grains. Purina Pro Plan is featured among the top ten best brands of 2015 by Purina is a long-standing company that introduced Beneful foods to dog lovers nearly 15 years ago. Since 2010, It’s annual dream dog park contest to revolutionize dog parks has produced parks across the USA. The website included Beau’s dream dog park in the top ten list of amazing dog parks in America. The prize amount for winning the contest is $500,000. Freshpet is refrigerated, while Beneful is the well-known shelf item. Each brand has meat and fish options that are certified by the Unites States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The next time you grocery shop look for Freshpet and Beneful to make an informed shopping choice between their products, and choose a product that is best for you and your pet-friend.

Paul Evans Redefines a Well Dressed Man

When it comes to shopping Paul Evans may be one of the best choices for men that are into upscale shoes and high-quality fashion. There are a lot of men that are concerned about dressing better because this is becoming more prevalent in the business world.

Fortunately, there are a ton of different choices for men to consider. Paul Evans has high-quality leather italian shoes that go with just about any pair of pants. The premium shoes that are designed by a Paul Evans company has totally redefined to find a well-dressed man. It is no longer a concept that starts with a suit. In today’s world a well-dressed man is defined by the type of shoes that they wear. This makes the Paul Evans Brian the centerpiece of any outfit.

Paul Evans is a shoe design company that specializes in handcrafted leather shoes. This is not the leather that is seen in the department stores like Sears and JCPenney. To the contrary, this is high quality Italian leather that ultimately results in high quality shoes.

These high quality shoes have become the signs of the times because there are a whole lot more men that are interested in their daily appearance. Much of this comes from television shows where men are dressed in slacks and expensive shoes on a regular basis. At the other and of the spectrum there is also a greater convenience that comes with shopping online.

The Paul Evans brand is one that can only be ordered online because the shoes are custom-made. This works out great for men because most men hate to go shopping, but meeting men love to get on the Internet. The shopping process is less of a hassle when they are able to log onto the website through their desktops or smart devices and make purchases. That is one of the primary reasons that the Paul Evans brand has become as successful as it currently is. This company allows people to shop much in the same way that they would shop for gadgets. A man that shops online for shoes could also buy other things like a drone or car accessories without even leaving their home. They could shop for shoes and purchase matching belts all within the course of a couple minutes. This is why men prefer shopping online, and this online shopping interest is advantageous to the Paul Evans brand.